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Advertising is Jo Madnani’s first love. Starting out in Ogilvy India, AT&T was one of the first brands she worked on as a copywriter. She then switched to strategy for the love of "why" and ROI. 15+ years later, as an ad woman she has 10+ awards for creative excellence backed by measurable results.


Jo believes that digital, modern day storytelling is all about creating meaningful customer journeys empowering them with rich, useful content packaged in the right context. 


She's worked on FMCG, healthcare, travel and lifestyle brands along the way in both B2B and B2C spaces. Need branding or content help? Send her a note!



Thanks to an internship plot twist during her grad school days, Jo wrote for a newspaper in India. A few adrenaline rushes and stories published every week, she decided to keep

at it as a side hustle.


Jo joined a writer’s group that helped her land some freelance fashion and lifestyle writing gigs in Fort Lauderdale and Miami. She has contributed to Midday, Times of India, VIP Guide, Boca Mag, The Boca Raton Observer, and The Miami Herald among others.


This is her official “beyond the 9-5” story. As a culturalist and a working mom of two, she loves chronicling mom style, productivity tips, mindfulness hacks. Need a blog post or a thought leadership piece? Simply reach out.

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