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Jyoti aka Jo balances creativity and strategy to drive brand growth. She knows that marketing theory and big concepts are just the starting point. Everything comes down to the delivery and optimization of brilliant campaigns. That’s what Jo brings to the table. She ensures that “The Idea Is In.”


After 15-plus years behind the keyboard as a copywriter and brand advocate, Jo knows how to get the best out of branding, creative and marketing teams. Her in-the-trenches experience is an asset to strategic teams. Jo knows how to translate the most complex business challenges into clear, effective multichannel campaigns that delight and retain audiences. She has worked with brands like Novartis, AT&T, Sharp, DHL, Hospital Corporation of America among others.


Quite simply, Jo knows how to connect the dots between the “why” and the all-important ROI. When the pressure is on, Jo is at her best with a whiteboard, a stack of sticky notes, insights and a deadline.


Jo believes in delivering results in style. Literally. Her side passion is high fashion, daily fashion, and personal visual branding. Her love for branding extends beyond marketing and into the world of everyday glamour for working women. She uses her journalistic skills to cover fashion trends and work with influencers. She leverages her hands-on digital acumen to blog, podcast, and create visual stories for fashion publications around the globe.

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